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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Chuckleberries Preemie on Sale

We have lots of preemie (3-6 lbs) Chuckleberries separates on sale. To highlight the sale on these products we are offering a very low price special on one of the items - the footed pants. These 100% cotton pants come in many prints and solid colors and coordinate with hats, diaper covers and other items. Normally $9.50, we are selling them at $5.00. All preemie sized Chuckleberries items are on sale.

Click here for the entire Chuckleberries Preemie Collection still available -

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Calling all Grandmas!

This is so cute but the company seems to be out of business and we still have some of these left so they are getting cleared out at a very low price. Normally they are $19.99 but I'm selling them for half price at $9.98 - quite a bit below my cost! Comes in both lilac and blue. 100% cotton, they should fit up to around 5 lbs. Two set of snaps to fit longer...
Part of the purchase price goes to March of Dimes!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Tiny Dee Sleepers

Tiny Dee, part of the House of Dee in England, specializes in small sizes. I bought up some excess inventory from them but some of it has sizing that is not correct, in my opinion. I have a variety of newborn mostly light velour sleepers that I am offering at a low price. Some are marked 5-8 lbs and some are 8-12 lbs and all are at least small newborn to larger newborn size. They are not premium quality but a great deal for everyday sleepers. This one is medium velour, measures 17 inches from shoulder to heel.  Only $5.99 in our clearance sale.