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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Rewards Points

Remember when you buy from The Preemie Store - you earn points towards free merchandise!!
Here is the latest item added to the ones you can get by redeeming points

Sign in to your account and click on Rewards to see your account balance - if you have made a purchase since this program started, you can see your points by clicking on View Details and click Redeem to see items you can buy with them.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Kumquat Baby

Lots of new Kumquat Baby sales items added - these are all well below the normal retail price for Kumquat as they are previous years lines. But your baby won't know! Darling designer prints and cute styles. Lots of great bargains! No coupon needed but don't forget our Holiday Season coupon - see posts from a few days ago...

And don't forget to redeem your rewards program points for free merchandise! Once you have ordered, sign in to your account to see details of your points and redeem them.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Chuckleberries Preemie on Sale

Big closeouts on Chuckleberries Preemie Size pants and hats. We are discontinuing a few things and have lots for sale at extremely low prices - below wholesale!! These are for size 3-6 lbs, all 100% cotton, in cute prints. Match up with Preemie Yums solid color shirts for complete outfit. Or put with your Gerber onesies....

Don't forget we have a holiday coupon - look back a few posts for the code.

Here are a few examples - see them all by clicking on any picture.

** Clearance items cannot be returned **

Sunday, November 2, 2008

NEW Rewards Program

The last new feature of our updated shopping cart is a chance to reward our customers for coming back or purchasing larger amounts. We now have a rewards program! You will get 1 or more (on certain items) points per dollar you spend and can use those points to purchases selected items.

Just make your purchase - as you look at each item to put in your shopping cart you will see the number of points you will earn. When you have placed an order, you can look at your account (click on My Account at the top right of the top menu bar). Then one item will be My Rewards which will show you the detail of all purchases with rewards points earned. Click on Redeem to see a list of items you can buy with your points. You will create a new order with each item you redeem but there is no shipping charge and we will ship multiple redemptions together. If you have just placed an order and earned points, you may go back and spend those points immediately and have the items shipped with your regular order...

Sorry this is not retroactive to old orders but I will be rewarding top customers with extra points.

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