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Friday, January 30, 2009

Beat the Economy Discount

A new discount for February - starting on Jan 30th.... enter the coupon code in your shopping basket (click on view basket after adding at least one item and put the word economy in where it says Apply Coupon and click on the blue word Go!)

The coupon is for 15% off anything you buy during February.  (Jan 30-Feb 28) This is your reward for reading my blog!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chuckleberries Micro Preemie Organics are here

Chuckleberries has come out with an organic line - basically all their styles in a natural color organic cotton. They are nice and soft, a slightly heavier cotton knit, and provide you with a chance to clothes even the tiniest in only organic fabrics. With everything else they have to endure, the safest, nicest fabrics are wonderful to provide.

Click on picture to go to our Organics collection

Or to see all of Chuckleberries Micro Preemie click here

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Zutano Itzy Bitzy

They're here - the two new Zutano Itzy Bitzy Families.  Farm Fresh is all bright greens and orange and darling farm prints. Cottage Garden is bright whimsical flowers.


This season Zutano added a new larger size so we are trying that also. Newborn is about 4-7 lbs and 0-3 months is the next larger size. Here is a comparison on two dolls.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Little Me Preemie Footies

We are introducing these new Little Me footies from their basics line that has darling styling and prints at a very reasonable price. See them and many more by clicking below.

Little Me Basic Footies including these new ones

See the whole line -
Little Me Boys
Little Me Girls
Little Me Neutral

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kushies Mocha Crown Line

Another beautiful Kushies collection - Mocha Crown has just been added to the store. Another collection, Scribbles will be coming next and coordinates/matches these colors. The collection includes two packs of bodysuits, two piece long johns, one piece unionsuit and hats in both dot and stripe in each color - colors are sage, ivory, blue and pink.

Here is a small sample, click for the whole collection

Friday, January 16, 2009

Birthday Coupon 10% off sale of $40 or more

My daughter Colleen works with me and her birthday was in December when we were very busy, following that we had our After Christmas Sale and now she gets a much needed break next week when we take off Tuesday through Thursday to celebrate her birthday - just a week before starting back to grad school classes. And her older sister, Katie's birthday IS actually on January 16th - the day this coupon begins. So this coupon is for Katie and Colleen's birthdays and it gives you a 10% discount on anything you buy - just a reward for reading the blog and remembering to use the coupon.... it only works if you enter it before checking out, I can't change it afterwards.

When you look at your cart once you have added one or more items to it View Cart - you can enter the coupon code where it says "Apply Coupon" - then click "Go".

Terms of this coupon - you have to spend at least $40 and you will get 10% off by entering the word birthdays in the Apply Coupon space. Good from January 16 through January 29th.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Petit Bateau

Petit Bateau is a French imported line that is just exquisite - and actually one of the better sized for petite preemies. Some brands tend to just make their preemie sizes shorter but just as wide as newborn. If anything preemies are thinner in proportion to their length. This is a designer line but we have tried to keep our prices discounted.

Links are to their Preemie size - labeled 46 cm (about 18 inches) but we carry these and some other outfits in Newborn - labeled 50 cm (about 19.7 in).

These are the basic sleepers that I have just added, the whole line that we have now is at Petit Bateau

Below an example of some of the more designer styles...

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Sale is OVER!!

Wow, we are exhausted and looking forward to a break next week. The two of us shipped more items in the last two weeks than we normally do in a month. But we have lots of space for new things now - and they will be arriving frequently in the next 2-3 months. Here are some plans for the next few months -

1. I will make a blog post to feature new things as they arrive and are added to the store
2. We will feature one or more items at a huge savings from normal retail price at all times - either until sold out or until I get bored and want to change it...
3. We will also try to have a coupon each week beginning Monday Jan 19 - and it will be good Monday through Thursday each week - sometimes it will be a % off, sometimes free items with minimum purchase or free shipping with minimum purchase or particular items or categories discounted...

First items that will be highlighted in the next few days are Petit Bateau items being added to the store, new Little Me Footies, Zutano Itzy Bitzy new prints plus their 0-3 month size of Itzy Bitzy, new imported Berlingot styles and Gerber Gift Sets.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Thank you to all who participated in our sale - Colleen and I have been happy to see inventory clear out - we need space for new things coming in the next 2-3 months for spring and summer - but wow, its a mixed blessing because we have been just swamped trying to get everything shipped!! Thanks for your patience for the couple of errors we've made and also for any slow shipping which should mostly be limited to very large orders from stores or doll makers. We will be getting back to normal again by Thursday when the sale ends. We will be shipping as usual Friday including any sale purchases and Monday. Wednesday the 21st will be a day off of our usual MWF shipping and then we will resume our normal schedule - and lives - on Friday.

I will start up with coupons again after the sale so keep watching the blog - also I will be showcasing new items as they are added to the store beginning later this week.

Hopefully everyone benefitted from the great low prices too. Sorry we can't take any returns on sale merchandise but at the incredible prices, we just can't do that.

Thanks again!
Pat and Colleen

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Vitamins Baby Included in Clearance Sale

We just decided to add about a dozen styles from Vitamins Baby Preemie to our clearance sale for this last week. They are all 1/2 of wholesale cost - $5.00 to $6.00!! Pretty much giving them away....

Remember just one more week - this ends on January 15th. These items are going fast, if you leave them in your cart to come back later, they may be sold out!

Here are two examples...


Friday, January 9, 2009

LAST WEEK of After Christmas Sale

We are keeping out sale going until Jan 15th but we have an unheard of offer going now - we just reduced everything in the sale to 1/2 of our wholesale cost!! That's how much I want that inventory out the door to make way for new.

One more time - here is the link

Just a few examples


Micro Preemie


Itzy Bitzy, Zutano's stunningly beautiful and ultra sweet line is a collection of 10 body styles perfectly tailored to fit a newborn's delicate little frame. AND now ON SALE!! CLICK HERE FOR SALE

We just got notice that the two new lines coming out in January are on their way so we are putting the now discontinued prints on sale.... these sell so well, we weren't planning to discount them but decided to make some room - that decision comes from my daughter who does all the inventory sorting and picking for shipping.... :)

So on sale are

Helicopter, one of my favorite boy lines, very sad they discontinued this.

Sugar Blossom, a very pretty and bright floral line

Sorbetti - bright, colorful and not too girly

Also coming soon - a new size for Itzy Bitzy - come back and shop as baby grows, we will be carrying these lines in 0-3 months as well as newborn!

Monday, January 5, 2009

After New Years Sale....


Christmas has passed, so has New Years and its 2009! But the sale continues... I still have quite a few things to clear out before new inventory starts pouring in - which will begin soon.... and we need more room and some money to pay for all the new stuff.... SO you get to benefit from helping us with those goals. Everything on the sale page is at our cost!! A few things are even below cost. You won't find these prices again for a long time.... lots of babies are going to be well dressed and many doll reborners and sculpters are stocking up!

Some inventory expected soon is new Little Me, Vitamins and some new Kumquat prints!

Above are a few of the latest things to be added to the sale - I'm putting on new items every day so keep checking...