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Friday, January 9, 2009


Itzy Bitzy, Zutano's stunningly beautiful and ultra sweet line is a collection of 10 body styles perfectly tailored to fit a newborn's delicate little frame. AND now ON SALE!! CLICK HERE FOR SALE

We just got notice that the two new lines coming out in January are on their way so we are putting the now discontinued prints on sale.... these sell so well, we weren't planning to discount them but decided to make some room - that decision comes from my daughter who does all the inventory sorting and picking for shipping.... :)

So on sale are

Helicopter, one of my favorite boy lines, very sad they discontinued this.

Sugar Blossom, a very pretty and bright floral line

Sorbetti - bright, colorful and not too girly

Also coming soon - a new size for Itzy Bitzy - come back and shop as baby grows, we will be carrying these lines in 0-3 months as well as newborn!

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