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Thursday, December 18, 2008


After Christmas Sale begins on Dec 19th because we will not be shipping after Dec 19th until Dec 29th. So after our holiday cutoff on Dec 19th at 6AM, we will be having a huge clearance sale.

SALE PAGE HERE! These items are also in their respective departments but I put them all together here for your ease of shopping.

Everything that is included in the sale will be marked down at least 50%, and sold at our cost or below. Great chance for doll makers to stock up or for those buying for preemies to pick up some bargains especially in the next sizes since shipping will be delayed up to a week to 10 days after ordering. Great chance for us to clear out some old stock to make room for new things from the 2009 spring lines.

NO returns on items in this clearance sale - these prices are just too low for us to allow returns.

Have fun shopping - some items are very limited in quantities - if there is something out of stock we will try to replace it with something very similar at the same or higher price!!

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