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Thursday, May 28, 2009

New Coupon Promotion aimed at hospitals!

The free shipping for orders over $40 ends on May 31st! But I've added priority mail for a cheaper option on shipping. 

I have also started a new promotion. I hear frequently that other families in hospitals do not know where to buy clothes. So I am sending brochures to hospitals with a code on the back for a discount that applies to patients (family and friends) of babies in that hospital.  If your hospital does not have a brochure posted or does not give them out, I probably haven't sent them yet. I'm doing a few every day as I find hospital names. SO - send me your hospital NICU address and a contact name if there is a good person to send them to and I'll get them out to your hospital. If you email me the name, address of the NICU, I'll also email you the discount code for your hospital.  Email me at

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