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Monday, September 15, 2008

New Returns (RMA) System

Returns used to be totally uncontrolled - people sent them but I did not have a good method to make sure they all were taken care of - and since I'm the whole business - no department to take care of returns - it was sometimes hard to keep up. And returns sometimes came with no information - not who it was from, not what they wanted me to do, no return address even.

The new systems is this - you go to your account, select the order on which you want to return an item or items. Then click "Add RMA" - you get a form to send me that tells me you want to make a return and whether you want a refund or exchange. So now there is a record of it. I reply with instructions, you return the merchandise - and can always go check online to see the status - I will update when it is received and taken care of.

I hope this works better for both me and all of you! Better yet, I hope everything is perfect and no returns are needed :)

I had been charging a $5.00 return fee but am thinking that now I will waive that in most cases if not all.

Watch for a new great sales item tomorrow or later today!!

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