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Saturday, September 13, 2008



Our shopping cart company - 3dcart - has just upgraded to a new version with LOTS of cool new features. Not only does it make creating and editing the store easier, but we can now offer you some new things too.

1. Wish list - this allow you to accumulate a list of things you want without actually putting them in the cart to buy now - come back later and move them to the cart when you're ready!
2. Gift Registry - sign up for items and get a password for friends and family to use so they can buy just what you want! And no duplicates, it records when something is actually purchased.
3. Better system for doing returns - you enter them and get them approved online, and can check on status.
4. Better customer questions management - we'll have an online ticket system so you can always check the status of questions.
5. Earn reward points towards future purchases. - each item you buy gives you points and you can come back and redeem those later for free merchandise!

I am adding these one at a time and will highlight each one in the blog.

PLEASE tell us if you have any issues with the shopping cart as I talked the company into letting me be one of the first to use it! So anything that doesn't work or causes you any questions - let me know -

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